Timeline – Why I am Being Stalked? And What Methods Have Been Employed

Today’s Tell: Odd repairs or damage to a vehicle. The one on the left I saw months ago in Sebastopol. It belongs to the mother of the lady who lives across from me in 229.

Why did someone put a flyer from Kennilworth School into my Google ……………I can’t even think of what it is called right now…………………like Word, but I didn’t start using it until a bit less than a year ago. Anyway, it was way down among my Google docs. It wasn’t even a very significant flyer. I’m sure that my computer was hacked starting last summer. At least.

So, Targeted Individuals / Survivors – I thought I had run into the right person 20 years ago, because things could have been so much worse – though I did not do anything wrong. However, turns out, once you are on certain people’s radar, you never leave. Then, it is so easy to be set up. Think of anyone, ANYONE who could dislike you or want to use you as a scapegoat…………………..In my case, it was someone who didn’t want to be wrong and resented what I “did” and someone who has become a very vile person………….plus? who knows? Could be wrong about the first, but I’m not.


Oh  –  just a few things. It may have just been a shoe, but it is still larceny. Then there was breaking and entering. Open a door – still breaking and entering. To the man with the camper. Seem like a nice person. Very forward of you don’t you think? Awkward, but I handled it politely.

  • Move to Petaluma, California after a less than calm life, but a very well adjusted person. More on that tomorrow.
  • Well adjusted but had just managed to get my family through numerous moves in 6 years. Technically 8 if you include 3 moves that were for a month. They count.
  • My daughter is four and my son is 11. My daughter goes to the local cooperative public preschool (I am the one who goes to the required parent meetings and my daughter gives my husband a hell of a time, so I never really feel like I get a break).
  • My son, fortunately, finds a few friends in 6th grade. I think kids need to be settled by second grade. I am over conscientious and am overwhelmed by the incredible amount of papers coming home from two schools asking for donations or purchases or time.
  • I’m managing but only able to go to one gas station when I move here. My nerves were “shot” as people used to say. It’s a long, long wet winter with record floods.
  • The only indication that something is wrong, besides the nerves being shot, is that I am a bit vocal about things my husband is doing that are bugging me – I just remember saying something at a nursery school parent meeting about my husband and these huge stereo speakers that he insists we keep in our new house. Yes, I remember details.
  • March – very bright and sunny. I’m speaking on the phone to a very kind, nice man. I was teased a lot by my ex about moving. It took a lot of energy to take in his “teasing” and stand up for myself, though things were okay. Let’s just say that the man on the phone is totally opposite of my ex and expresses concern about someone. Weirdest moment in my life. It was like something was switched on. I am not bipolar (one of the most stable people you would know), then at those kind words I go into a manic state. A very mild manic state. Major would be if everyone around knew there was something wrong.
  • I know that I would have become bipolar around that time. With the stress I had undergone, it would have been nice if it had turned out to be a temporary “break” because of incredible stress over the years, but it runs in my family. No one knew really. I researched it later. At the age of 42, I become a person with bipolar disorder. Though most of these Vigilante stalkers would not believe anything I say………there are norms…………………and then there are the people who “become” or get bipolar at other times. Just like some people become diabetic or get diabetes.
  • I will have to continue this saga tomorrow. Last evening I had chocolate. Way too much chocolate. Acts like caffeine. A little okay………………..not that much. Before I moved to Petaluma: married into a family with three very, very strong personalities. Felt like I was holding a wall up to stay who I was. Infertility…………….surgery, male hormones, but it worked! Wonderful. With second pregnancy a four month miscarriage. My ex talked about changing jobs about every 18 months and we would go and look at the areas where he interviewed. Moved to MN. Halloween storm of 91, then record cold of 92. Contaminated plume. We fought and got city water. Moved to OR without my ex having a job. Expected a doctor to get funding. Nope. He got it later and then my ex commuted to OR. I remember finally realizing that we could not stay in OR – after again looking at houses. It was a jolt – downwards. Ah our Munchie was 3. We always made the best of things………………….You know how people never see the place they live like a tourist. We always got to.

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