Sleight of Hand, Street Theater to Throw Off the Perp or to Get an Object

Okay, we are going to go over some of the sleight of hand techniques that have been successful. I think our new recruits could learn from hearing examples from scores you have made.

T – Well, I work at a very popular, well known food chain that one perp frequents. This one was easy. We all carry tools to open the boxes. As I put some frozen chicken into a plastic bag the perp brought with her, I slit open the chicken.

S – That’s good! I was in a group “theater”/object obtainment” score. We knew the perp was going to be at the Unitarian Universal Church one Sunday. She sat down and I sat in front of her. We talked for just a bit. I said I was checking out the church also – you know – establishing a relationship. A few of us sat in the row behind her. One person had put some sort of badge on to look official and sat one of us next to the perp, but over a  bit as the perp’s purse was on the bench.

T – put a badge on or carry a clipboard and you belong.

S – Right. Anyway this perp is so paranoid, she takes her purse with her everywhere with her and doesn’t leave it out of her site. The lady “escorted” to sit by her was African American. You know, the more groups we can get in on this the better. Plus, we rile a perp enough, we might push them over the edge. What better than a hate crime, right?

Newbie – Isn’t that a bit risky? What if the perp does go over the edge?

S. – Right now, it’s to build distrust and maybe get some video to show. So, here’s how it went down. There is the time when people are asked to talk to someone new. I get her attention and we talk. I’m the diversion. Meantime, the two behind her talk while getting the purse and pulling out her work keys – we know they are on a chain with the school name on them.  It was close though. She began turning around, but we pushed the purse on the floor and in front of her pew by her feet.

Newbie – Why not put it back on the seat.

S. – Well, she did start turning around, but we had planned the under the seat move. It confuses the perp. You know the feeling you get when you are sure you set something one place, but find it somewhere else? The more we can do that, the higher the anxiety. That’s what we want. Anyway, she had to think that the lady next to her was involved somehow once she missed the keys.

T – Cool, what ended up happening?

S – Unfortunately, the perp didn’t say they were stolen – she said she lost them at the church. She even called the church a few times.  It did cause her grief though. She stays late. With a sub key, she couldn’t get to the bathrooms, copier or microwave past four. Many copies of documents are needed for her meetings. She must have lost sleep running off copies on her home machine – at least that’s what we figure.

MORE TO COME including scams committed at a Macy’s, and Safeway stores. Could be by outside sources or someone from the inside like at Trader Joe’s. Only way that one could have gone down. The chicken bag was sliced right at the bottom of the bag. If it had been open before it was going into the bag, there would have been juice all over the floor. A letter to the management – sensible and matter of fact tone – got that to stop. For now.

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