Prepping the Cars – Tells

How’s it been? Only saw the perp once? Hey, that’s great! What else did you notice? Yeah, the old cars. Some people have been into this for a long time. For some, like the farmers and off roaders, driving an old car is part of their lives. For the others, they keep ugly old cars tucked back onto the property or there are property owners who might let you store it on their property.

Not interested in that? That’s fine. We have what we calls, Tells – you know, Like in poker. They are things that people put on cars for two reasons: A tell is a signal to another person out there that you are in the group. Also, some of the tells make cars look old and dingy.

Tells in this part of the county are: Kiss 101.1 pink sticker, sea turtles, items or stickers that have something to do with dogs. Yeah, the paw print, probably one of ours. Some of the favorites with truck owners are the SF for the giants, You will see Golden State Warriors flags showing the bridge. That is one of the favorites.   Oh yes, hibiscus and some have a lot of  stickers on them. Yep, coexist is one. Zombies are big – zombie families, skeleton skulls, bumper stickers put on at an angle – even election bumper stickers. Anything to make it look “off” – but the perp can’t quite put his finger on it. Stickers on windows of cars mentioning Hawaii. Those stickers that are oval that refer to a place, like “BB” for Bodega Bay. Oh yeah. There are a few garages that have plate frames that people put on. Garages that have unusual names. Ah…………….a big one is using lights of course – one headlight out, one fog light out, one tail light out OR just one dimmer.

Tickets? Oh well……………..that’s easy. See, the lights have two wires running to them. You just flip a switch under the dash and you can make a light go out or dim. Sure, most people do this themselves, but I’m sure someone can help you with it if you want to go this route. A lot of us have lights that can look normal and then you flip and switch – the result is not quite as bright as “brights” but enough to be irritating and look different.

You’re right there. Other people don’t notice because this type of “mobbing” isn’t being done around them all the time. Just the perps see it throughout the day. Anyone else would notice a few strange cars, but this is the place for strange cars, right? Anyway, you seem committed. I think you’re ready to take on driving around. You might want to drive around first just to observe how people avoid being totally seen and see how it looks. See how to spot other drivers. Watch how they cross the road, back into spaces. Pulling into a space, backing up and then pulling in again is good. Sure, people do that all the time, but everything done around the perp is done to extreme. So the perp tries to explain this to someone and they just humor the perp and try to say, yes, but……………….it happens.

Yep……….trying to drive the perp over the edge is the main idea. And it really works well. Take someone down just by making everything in their lives a bit or a lot unreal. Really effective.

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