Phase I continued

.So, you are still interested? Ah, even enthusiastic to do your part? That’s great! Okay, first step is that —- well, give me your phone. Okay, I put your number into our network. Now, this is key. Whoever sends out the location of the perp, sends it out so that you are told where the perp is and a map will pop up. How? Well, it works a lot like an Amber alert, but it stays up longer. In fact we were ahead on using the Amber Alert type technology because we have some top computer people. Oh, I probably shouldn’t have said that. But, you need to know that there are people involved from all different groups in our society.

For right now, all you do if you get an alert is to sit in your driveway with your lights on, or pull out and park in the street with your lights on. Disappointed? Hey, everyone does something different and then the perp is constantly annoyed, dismayed, and hopefully angry- at first. If you are out driving somewhere near where the perp is, pull over and sit in your car with your lights on. Right, the perp might not even drive by you, but that is what makes this so powerful and effective. See, no matter which way the perp goes he will see someone with lights on sitting in their driveway or on the street. Genius, right? Doing this, you will actually start seeing what the perp sees.

Oh, and this is very important. The perp needs to feel like he is a disgrace to society – the lowlife that he is. So, we use techniques in cars to make the perp feel uncomfortable. What are they? Oh, simple. You sit in the car, but make your arm very stiff in some manner. Here, I will show you some pictures with peoples’ faces blocked out. See, the arm going very stiff towards the steering wheel. In this one the arm is resting on the door and the arm goes straight up – any type of stiff arm move. The arm going straight up also can be a way to block your face.    Illegal? Well, a bit technically, but there are so many people surrounding this perp, he won’t know what hit him. The idea is to take him down fast. Oh, I’ll tell you more about the possibilities next time we meet.

Oh yes, keep looking straight forward and under no circumstances right now do you look at the perp. The perp is a non person. THAT is essential. Remember, for the good of the whole – for society. The cops can’t be everywhere, right. We’ve gotten disgusted with the slime that is out there and the cops can’t get to them all. Good question. Along with the notification will be a picture of the perp and the perp’s car. For what you are doing now, once the perp passes, you just go about your business.

Oh, why would he pay attention? See, over the summer, he was gradually, what we call, primed. Our people would pull into a parking lot and “talk” or text on their phones with their lights on. The large trucks and SUVs are particularly effective. That increased over the summer. Also, there are people who keep the perp disoriented, but that is for another time. Trust me, by the time we have reached this stage, the perp is aware of any light around. It’s very effective. Yes, he is thrown off balance, but is not sure what is going on. He just knows that things are off.

Notice things while you are parked.

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