Showing How Easy It is to Be a Vigilante Harasser / Gangstalker

Comment on photo: That is not unusual to see, right? Right. The thing about being a targeted survivor is that you see this type of “brighting” in parking lots in almost every parking lot you go into AND you might see multiple cars participating. Here I am – The new Safeway store that used to be G and G. No biggy. Except this was taken close to midnight – long after any stores/restaurants had closed. Gotcha!

This site looks at gangstalking /cause stalking / Vigilante harassment from the harasser’s point of view. To someone undergoing Vigilante Harassment for the first time, the harassers seem to know every move the Targeted Survivor is going to make, because they seem to be everywhere the target goes. The harassers are just people who use very simple techniques of vehicular harassment to make is appear that they know where a target will be. They also use: diversion techniques to steal from the target when in public; diversion to move items around or take things out of shopping carts; street theater to heighten the target’s awareness of something, or divert their attention away from their vehicle or belongings. Maybe they used a child’s birthday celebration at the top local Chinese restaurant in Petaluma to steal pills from her purse on the floor, or take advantage of the “perp” leaving her keys and headset on a counter at the x-ray department at Kaiser in Petaluma to tie little knots into the cord of the headset (Oh My! There are knots also in cords in my apartment. Whoop De doo, doo doo! The latest stunt).

Targeted Survivors / Targeted Individuals – It is all “Smoke and Mirrors, Smoke and Mirrors”. If you can’t explain something for now – let it go. There was a man made cause no matter what. If you question if you were the one who left X on the couch………Oh well, c’est la vie. I do know that I have never purchased a black hairdryer in my life. I had a brown one. Probably the most common hair dryer out there. Easy peasy – Took 20 seconds from door to door to exchange the dryers. Stupid move too. Ah – yes. Laugh at the mistakes the harassers commit. The stupid, idiots that they are.

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